Invited Presentations

Le changement de comportements et les systèmes d'information persuasifs.
"Behavioral Changes and Persuasive Information Systems" Universite Laval Faculty of Law seminar Les municipalites et la transition ernergetique: Quelles meilleures pratiques ? Quels moyens juridiques ? Municipalities and the energy transition: Best practicies and legal approaches, Quebec, October 2017.

Leveraging an Intergrated Information Ecosystem to Build Smart, Sustainable Cities
Smart Cities 2017:Perspectives and Innovations in Quebec and China, Workshop co-organized by the Fonds de recherche du Quebec - Societe et culture and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Montreal, November 2017.

Persuasive Information Systems
Increasingly, persuasive systems are being used to promote positive environmental behaviors. In this short learning capsule, Jacqueline Corbett presents a brief overview of the design principles behind persuasive information systems. For more information, you can read her article titled: Designing and Using Carbon Management Systems to Promote Ecologically Responsible Behaviours.